Happy World Humanist Day on June 21!

World Humanist Day is celebrated annually around the world on June 21. According to Humanists International, the day is a way of spreading awareness of Humanism as a philosophical life stance and means to effect change in the world. It is also seen as an opportunity for Humanists all around the world to publicize the positive values of Humanism and to share the global concerns of the Humanist movement. It’s also a time for Humanists to gather socially for the June solstice and reflect on humanity’s deepening scientific understanding of our world.

Read the Declaration of Modern Humanism recently ratified by the 2022 General Assembly of Humanists International held in Glasgow, Scotland, articulating these essentials of the Humanist worldview:

1. Humanists strive to be ethical
2. Humanists strive to be rational
3. Humanists strive for fulfillment in their lives
4. Humanism meets the widespread demand for a source of meaning and purpose to stand as an alternative to dogmatic religion, authoritarian nationalism, tribal sectarianism, and selfish nihilism

The manner in which World Humanist Day is celebrated varies considerably, reflecting the individuality and non-dogmatism of Humanism as a whole. While an event might be a simple gathering with ample time for both socializing and reflection, we can also create social rituals, music, and events which highlight the symbolism of the solstice and the light (knowledge) which brings us out of darkness (ignorance).

Visit Humanists International’s World Humanist Day page for more on the origins and ways to celebrate.

And check out the What is World Humanist Day? video on the History is Fun YouTube channel created by Angel L. Rios.

Happy World Humanist Day!

Published 6/20/22