NJHN Community Cares Program

We have launched a new program for our members called NJHN Community Cares.

For many of us who are not religious and seeking real connection, we often face a choice between a religious community or no community at all. Life celebrations and difficult times are important to all of us, as is support from family and friends during these moments in our lives. Sasha Sagan, the daughter of Ann Druyan and the late Carl Sagan, wrote a book* on the importance of rituals in our lives in which she advocates that “life is worth celebrating and we should take the time to celebrate family, friendships, ourselves, milestones, and the wonders of the universe. Since the beginning of time, humans have been celebrating cosmic and seasonal events, lifecycle milestones, heroes, and myriad other things.” And no matter what path you took to discover that humanism is your personal worldview, as old traditions fall away, we can make new traditions within our chosen family or extended community of friends.

NJHN is a secular humanist community. We want our members to know that we support you, in times of joy and sadness. We want to celebrate your successes with you, to offer our support in difficult times, and our condolences when you experience loss. To wish you a Happy Birthday or other Anniversary, Get Well Wishes when you have health concerns, Congratulations on your promotions or earning a long-sought degree, upon your marriage–or your divorce, the birth or adoption of children, and other transitions in your lives. To keep in touch with you when these life events happen. We hope you’ll share these experiences with us in the future. Share your important dates and life events and we’ll let you know that our community supports you when those times come.

You can communicate with us at: [email protected]. This support is one of the benefits of your NJHN membership. We know certain date information is sensitive and we promise that we will never share your information with anyone outside NJHN’s Board of Directors.

* For Small Creatures Such as We: Rituals for Finding Meaning in Our Unlikely World (2019)