What are the implications of embracing a philosophy or lifestance in this ever changing and challenging world? How can Humanism inform our choices and guide our interactions with others? These are some of the questions we’re discussing in our online group called “Exploring Humanism.”

We meet once a month, on the 1st Sunday, on Zoom to share our thoughts on the basic tenets of Humanism, along with Humanist approaches to an array of social issues and problems.

In Series II, we’re exploring the Ten Commitments, a set of Humanist values and principles that promote a democratic world in which every individual’s worth and dignity is respected, nurtured, and supported, and where human freedom and ethical responsibility are natural aspirations for everyone. The Ten Commitments have been developed by the American Humanist Association Center for Education to assist us with putting our values into action to work towards positively impacting our communities and society.

Each month a discussion leader will offer a short presentation on one of the commitments, along with some materials for reading and/or viewing in advance of the meeting. Participants are encouraged to look over the materials in order to fully engage in the meeting discussion.

Our meetings require advance registration.
After registering, you’ll receive a confirmation email from Zoom with the link to
join the meeting.

SERIES II Schedule (on Zoom)
Oct 1: Overview

Nov 5: Critical Thinking
Dec 3: Ethical Development

Jan 7:
Peace & Social Justice

Feb 4: Service & Participation
Mar 3: Altruism
Apr 7: Humility
May 5: Environmentalism
Jun 2: Global Awareness
Jul 7: Responsibility
Aug 4: Empathy

Hope to see you as we go Exploring Humanism!

Last updated 9/10/23

For this series, we used as our guide the basic online studies program of the American Humanist Association Center for Education.
Jan 2: Introduction to Humanism
Feb 6: Humanist Activism & Organization I
Mar 6: Humanist Activism & Organization II
April 3: Science & Humanism I
May 1: Science & Humanism II
June 5: Psychology & Humanism I
Aug 7: Psychology & Humanism II
Sep 4: Law & Politics I
Nov 6: Law & Politics II
Dec 4: Ethics I and Ethics II
Jan 8: Religion & Spirituality I (date change due to holiday)
Feb 5: Religion & Spirituality II
Mar 5: Philosophy & the Humanist Connection I
Apr 2: Philosophy & the Humanist Connection II
May 7: Religious Humanism
Jun 11: Positive Humanism (date change due to Jersey Pride Festival on June 4)



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