NJHN Press Release: New College or Trade School Scholarship Opportunity for Secular Students

For Immediate Release

CONTACT: Lisa Ridge, [email protected], 732-425-5233

New College or Trade School Scholarship Opportunity for Secular Students

(April 17, 2023) – The New Jersey Humanist Network (NJHN) is pleased to announce a new $1,000 scholarship to be awarded in cooperation with the Secular Student Alliance to a student who embodies the humanist values of reason, social justice, inclusion, and community. 

The scholarship will be awarded to a New Jersey student who is enrolled or enrolling in an accredited four-year college, community college, or trade school in New Jersey in the fall of 2023.

Each year, the Secular Student Alliance offers scholarship opportunities to students who exemplify its mission by proudly expressing their secular identities, building welcoming and inclusive communities, and promoting strong secular values. The scholarships support students who, in addition to pursuing excellence in their academic studies, are activists for secular values on their campus and/or in their community. 

“The NJHN welcomes the opportunity to support a student leader who is working to promote social justice, fight for marginalized communities, and build a better world through their activism,” said NJHN President Lisa Ridge. 

NJHN is sponsoring the scholarship, which will be awarded by the Secular Student Alliance. The alliance is the only national organization dedicated to atheist, humanist, and other nontheist students. 

Students can learn more about the Secular Student Alliance and its scholarship process and apply at https://secularstudents.org/scholarships. The application deadline is July 31, 2023. 


Founded in 1994, NJHN is a secular humanist community that embraces a nontheistic philosophy emphasizing human reason, ethics, and social justice. We are committed to the application of reason and science to the understanding of the universe and to the solving of problems through our compassion, common experience and civic engagement. Learn more about NJHN at https://njhn.org.

Published 4/17/23