American Forests: Urge Your Congressional Leaders to Support the Climate Stewardship Act

From American Forests:

Ask your Congressional leaders to support the Climate Stewardship Act
Forests are the best nature-based solution to slowing climate change. And trees, when planted in all urban neighborhoods equitably, help advance social equity by creating jobs and improving public health.

The Climate Stewardship Act would support voluntary climate stewardship practices on more than 100 million acres of farmland, plant billions of trees to revive deforested landscapes and expand urban tree cover, reestablish the Civilian Conservation Corps, restore over two million acres of coastal wetlands, and invest in renewable energy for farmers and rural small businesses in the spirit of the New Deal’s Rural Electrification Act, which provided low-cost loans to help bring electricity to rural America.

Action Alert: Support the Climate Stewardship Act (NOTE: Sen. Booker is already a sponsor, so you might edit the subject line and first paragraph to specifically thank him).

Sen. Booker’s press release on cosponsoring and reintroducing the Climate Stewardship Act
Climate Stewardship Act Section-by-Section Summary
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Published on 4/24/21 at 7:20 PM