ACTION ALERT: Stand up for LGBTQ+ Students – Help Ban the Book Bans!

The BAD NEWS: Books are being banned in several NJ school districts and protections for LGBTQ+ students are being rolled back by some school boards where right-wing activists have been elected.

The GOOD NEWS: Some state legislators have introduced bills to combat book bans. To help them pass, everyone needs to contact their legislators NOW to show their support for this critical issue!


  1. Find your Senator and two Assembly persons at
  2. Use this easy contact link (send one email to all):
  3. Use the sample message below (or your own)

I support S3893/A5499, the bills to prohibit book bans in NJ libraries and schools, which would protect students, communities, and librarians from attacks on diversity and academic freedom spreading across the country. Municipalities and school districts across the state are facing aggressive action by a loud minority of activists advocating for the removal of content by and about LGBTQ+ and BIPOC individuals. Libraries have increasingly been placed on the front lines of these attacks as part of a coordinated campaign to politicize New Jersey’s nonpartisan school boards. Please support this bill by becoming a co-sponsor and promoting its progress through the Legislature. Thank you for standing up for NJ’s talented librarians and diverse school communities. 

GET INVOLVED in this fight at New Jersey Public Education Coalition at

Watch NJ State Senator Andrew Zwicker and State Senate Majority Leader Teresa Ruiz interviewed on CNN This Morning on May 29, 2023 about the legislation they’re sponsoring to prohibit book bans in NJ libraries and schools.