2020 Secular Voices Survey

Check out the 2020 Secular Voices Survey Summary Report released earlier this month detailing research on secular voters, who account for 26% of the U.S. population, by Dr. Juhem Navarro-Rivera at Socioanalitica Research.

This Survey shows that secular Americans are very politically active. The survey provides a unique and nuanced understanding of the relationship between the growing community of secular Americans and the organizations that traditionally serve and mobilize them. More than one quarter of secular Americans have belonged to one of these organizations, and this type of organizational  participation is linked to increased individual political engagement.

Secular people involved in secular movement organizations report higher levels of political engagement, including activities like marching, protesting, signing petitions, or financially contributing to political campaigns, than the general population.

“The results of the 2020 Secular Voices Survey demonstrate that contrary to the stereotype of the apathetic atheist, secular people are active members of their communities, and that the people involved in secular movement organizations are among the most engaged and energetic activists in the country today,” added Dr. Navarro-Rivera.