2020-2021 NJHN Leadership

The NJHN Board of Directors recently conducted its annual election of Board members and officers and discussed plans for future activities under the current COVID-19 pandemic conditions.

Gary Brill will serve as NJHN President for the next year, succeeding Lisa Ridge. Jennifer Vriens continues as Vice President, Jasmine Farahat remains the Secretary, Brenda LaDuke stays on as Treasurer, while the remainder of the Board remains the same: Tamar Kieval Brill, Erica Cohn, Everett Henson, Linda Mastellone, Lisa Ridge, Tim Ridge, Bill Schlegel, and Mary Ann Zagar.

The committee chairs for the current term are Jennifer Vriens for the Program Committee, Everett Henson for the Marketing Committee (a merging of the former PR/Publicity/Outreach and Website committees), Lisa Ridge for the Membership Committee, Brenda LaDuke for the Finance Committee, Erica Cohn for the Bylaws Committee, and Mary Ann Zagar for the Nominating Committee.