Norm Allen's Presentation

October, 2002

Norm R. Allen, Jr. is director of African Americans For Humanism at the Council for Secular Humanism. Dr. Allen revealed a long history of humanist activity within the African-American community, focusing especially on the immense pressure to conform to religious belief that African-American freethinkers endured in the past all the way up to the present day.

He was a very well-spoken, gentle and informative speaker. He noted that many African American leaders of the past had atheist/humanist leanings, but that information is mostly buried, if acknowledged at all. The prevailing stereotype is that all African Americans are religious. Norm Allen has made it his goal to present Humanism as a viable alternative for African Americans, one that does not necessarily conflict with the beliefs of their African American heroes. He also mentioned the popularity and danger of the psychic television shows, radio programs, etc. within the African American community. He has been working to get articles published in "black" publications to expose the fraud that takes money from, and feeds false information to, the African American population. He also spoke about the vitality of Humanist organizations in Africa, specifically Nigeria.

Answering many questions after his talk

Dr. Norm Allen

Katy Fischer with
Norm and Harley Brown