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Cosmic Connection, The: An Extraterrestrial Perspective (1973)
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Carl Sagan
Genre Scientific
Subject Cosmology
Publication Date 1973
Format Hardcover
Extras Dust Jacket
Pulitzer Prize winner Carl Sagan has captivated millions with studies of the planets and the bold search for life on other worlds.

The Cosmic Connection is the lucid, lyrical narrative of the dramatic wonder of the universe. The quest for extraterrestrial life is written in nontechnical language, and the latest atronomical revelations are related to the most profound human problems and concerns.

An astronomer and exobiologist - as well as heroic adventurer - Dr. Sagan is engaged in:

- space vehicle exploration of the planets
- designing landing instruments to search for life on Mars
- duplicating the steps that led to the origin of life on earth
- preparing the way for contact with intelligent beings on planets of other stars

"We live," says Carl Sagan, "in the galactic boondocks, where the action isn't." By hooking us up with the immense and awesome cosmos in which the earth is embedded, by reminding us of our provincialism, by demonstrating that "we are all starfolk," The Cosmic Connection is a major achievement.
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