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Baubles of Blasphemy (2005)
Front Cover Book Details
Edwin F. Kagin
Genre Humor; Philosophy
Subject Atheism
Publication Date January 2005
Format Paperback
Publisher Freethought Press
Extras Author autograph
Unfailing humor, zany logic... irreverent humor and a doggerel you can dance to... fiery combination of a backwoods manner, feral urbanity, and an absolutely ruthless search for truth... will win Edwin Kagin a first-class ticket to hell... Clamors for a place on the bookshelf of any thoughtful person, believer or infidel. Poetry and essays, satirical and serious, humorous and profane.
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Collection Status In Collection
Condition Near Mint
Index 220
Owner Ridge
Rating 3
Read It Yes
Links Amazon US
Loan Status Available
Overdue No
Product Details
ISBN 1887392149
Cover Price $20.00
Nr of Pages 254
First Edition No
Rare No