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Are Souls Real? (2000)
Front Cover Book Details
Jerome W. Elbert
Genre Scientific
Subject Mind and body; Science & Religion
Publication Date April 2000
Format Hardcover (237 x 162 mm)
Publisher Prometheus Books
Language English
Extras Dust Jacket
Do you have a supernatural soul? If you think you do, have you asked yourself why you think so? If souls are real, will yours survive after you die? Is your soul your most valuable possession, or is the entire idea of the soul a fossilized remnant of an outdated worldview? How we answer these questions affects what we believe about ourselves and how we live our lives. In this informative yet accessible book, Jerome W. Elbert examines these issues from the diverse perspectives of neuroscience, biblical scholarship, the history of ideas, and quantum physics. The resulting study leads to a strong and convincing conclusion.
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ISBN 1573927910
Cover Price $29.00
Nr of Pages 399
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