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Atheist Heroes and Heroines - (American Atheist Radio Series) (1991)
Front Cover Book Details
Madalyn Murray O'Hair
Genre History
Subject Atheism; Freethought history
Publication Date December 1991
Format Paperback (25 x 140 mm)
Publisher Amer Atheist Pr
This book, written in 1971, is based on the American Atheist Radio Series and provides information regarding the finances of the churches, their involvement in profit making from the war in Vietnam, their playing the stock markets, their insatiable greed for profits, their gluttonous grabbing of real estate, the consequences of the unbridled religious policy of mortmain ownership of land, their movement into the corporate world, even into manufacturing which is not even remotely involved with religion.

Madalyn Murray O'Hair was disappointed that no one - no major magazine, no wire service, no book publisher, no newspaper, no politician, and no Atheist or group of Atheists - was willing to assist in issuing this book so that the information could be put into any interested person's hands.

It was finally published in 1991.
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ISBN 0910309574
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