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Anger: How to Live With and Without It - (how to live with and without it ) (1994)
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Albert Ellis
Genre Self-Help
Subject Emotions
Publication Date February 1985
Format Paperback (211 x 138 mm)
Publisher Citadel Press
Language English
Can you be assertive without being angry?

Anger is one of the most damaging and fruitless of all human emotions. Everyone is beset by the problems of how to cope with it, how to live with it, and how to understand it. Here is a solution to the problem of anger . . . a solution that years of clinical testing and research have proved effective. The breakthrough technique of this book will enable you to challenge and eliminate the anger that can frustrate and stand in the way of your success and daily happiness: in business, in home life - anywhere you are - without losing your assertiveness.

In this entirely new approach to coping with anger, world-famous psychologist Dr. Albert Ellis presents an easily mastered, step-by-step technique that is designed for you to perform on your own. It will help you to systematically explore and, for the first time, understand the roots and nature of your own anger.

Dr. Ellis does not merely present his own theory and approach to anger. He compares his technique to other, differing, points of view. Thus he gives you the first comprehensive critical analysis of the various - and often incompatible - approaches to the age-old problem of anger, how to solve it and how to live better.
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ISBN 0806509376
Cover Price $14.95
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Original Publication Year 1994