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Abortion: A Doctor's Perspective (1993)
Book Details
Don Sloan
Paula Hartz
Genre Autobiography
Subject Abortion
Publication Date 1/21/1993
Format Hardcover (25 x 159 mm)
Publisher Dutton Adult
Extras Dust Jacket
Dr. Don Sloan's historic memoir is a compassionate, perceptive and utterly candid account of his thirty years on the frontlines of the abortion-rights movement. As a young ob/gyn resident in the early 1960s, Dr. Sloan witnessed first hand the effects of botched illegal abortions. While helping a friend, he became involved in the abortion "underground" and went on as an advocate of legalization. After successfully lobbying for New York State's passage of the nation's first law permitting abortion for the general public, he helped establish a clinic that would become a mecca for women all over the world.

Dr. Sloan recalls all this and more in Abortion: A Doctor's Perspective/A Woman's Dilemma, as well as recounting the impact of abortion since it has become more widely available. As a practicing sex-and-marital therapist, Dr. Sloan has never wavered in his lifelong commitment to abortion rights, but he has also never stopped examining the delicate balance between the rights of women and the rights of the newly created pregnancy. He includes case histories from his own files which dramatize the dilemma of abortion - a salvation for some women, a traumatic experience for others.

Many women will find their own personal experiences mirrored here; and women who are about to make a decision on abortion will be helped to find their own best solutions.
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ISBN 1556113412
Cover Price $21.00
Nr of Pages 257
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