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Affirmations: Joyful And Creative Exuberance - Joyful and Creative Exuberance - Paul Kurtz - Paperback (2004)
Front Cover Book Details
Paul Kurtz
Genre Philosophy
Subject Humanism
Publication Date July 2004
Format Paperback (212 x 138 mm)
Publisher Prometheus Books
Language English
In this optimistic, life-affirming book, philosopher Paul Kurtz succinctly outlines the main characteristics of happiness. Centered on human concerns and employing rational and scientific methods to determine objective truth, Affirmations is dedicated to the development of individual human potential.

Emphasizing that the good life is achievable by everyone, Kurtz has coined the term "eupraxsophy," based on Greek roots and meaning "good conduct and wisdom in living." By using critical thinking, he shows how wisdom can be applied to a life of commitment and passion.

Regarding the perennial search for happiness, Kurtz affirms that secularism holds great promise. Through creative action in the pursuit of goals focused on the enhancement of human welfare, each person has the best chance of realizing a meaningful life of joyful exuberance.

Kurtz goes on to show how this realistic and fulfilling life stance is expressed in various human endeavors: achieving excellence; joyful exuberance; eroticism; being a good parent; loving another person; a good marriage or civil union; finding meaning in life; striving for a beloved cause; facing death with courage; and creating a planetary community.

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ISBN 1591022657
Cover Price $10.00
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