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Atheist Manifesto, An (1966)
Book Details
Joseph Lewis
Genre Philosophy
Subject Atheism
Publication Date 1/1/1966
Format Hardcover
Publisher Freethought Press Assoc
Many ask what difference does it make whether man believes in a God or not.

It makes a big difference.

It makes all the difference in the world.

It is the difference between being right and being wrong; it is the differene between truth and surmises - facts or delusion.

It is the difference between the earth being flat, and the earth being round.

It is the difference between the earth being the center of the universe, or a tiny speck in this vast and uncharted sea of multitudinous suns and galaxies.

It is the difference in the proper concept of life, or conclusions based upon illusion.

It is the difference between verified knowledge and the faith of religion.

It is a question of Progress or the Dark Ages.
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