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Enlightenment, The: The Science of Freedom (1996)
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Peter Gay
Genre History; Philosophy
Subject Religious freedom
Publication Date January 1996
Format Paperback (208 x 142 mm)
Publisher W. W. Norton & Company
Language English
The Science of Freedom completes Peter Gay's brilliant reinterpretation of the Enlightenment of the philosophes begun in The Enlightenment: The Rise of Modern Paganism. In that book, Mr. Gay analyzed the struggle in which the philosophes pitted classical pagan thought against their Christian heritage. In the present book, which can be read independently as a social history of the Enlightenment, he describes the philosopes' environment, their program, their view of progress, of science, of art, of society, and of politics. He explains the complex relationship and interaction between the two Enlightenments - the philosophic movement and the environment from which the philosophes drew ideas and support. His masterful appraisal opens a new range of insights into the Enlightenment's critical method and its humane and libertarian vision.
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ISBN 0393313662
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