Adopt-A-Highway program

NJHN members engage in community service on a regular basis.

Through their volunteer work on state highways, Adopt-A-Highway Program participants raise public awareness of the individual person's responsibility for roadside litter.

Here's our highway cleanup crew!

Jay Holovacs, Wanda Holovacs, Jack Walsh,
Harley Brown and Linda Kieseling

Jay, Sara Brown, Jack, Harley & Linda

Tim and Lisa Ridge, Jack, Harley, Larry and Janet

Harley, Bill Billard, Lisa, Mike Markowich, Wanda and Jay

Harley, Bill, Lisa, Mike, Wanda and Tim

L-R: Mike, Lisa, Bill, Wanda, Jay, Jack, Sara, Joe Fox, Harley and Tim enjoy lunch after the Fall 2003 Cleanup. Many hands made light work!