Godless Americans March on Washington
November 2, 2002

One of the biggest highlights of the year, GAMOW attracted over 2000 freethinkers, atheists and humanists of all stripes.

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Gathering at the
Washington Monument

Brad Holcombe with his
son Darwin and
Wanda Holovacs

Quite a crowd!

Our banner with smiling faces Wanda, Russ & Harley

Jesus freaks...out in the street...the boulevard
is not that bad...

Camp Quest - a great program for kids

Michael Newdow speaks
on Friday evening.

There ARE atheists in foxholes!

Many groups attended including CSH

The Capitol Dome framed within the GAMOW dais

Our photographer,
Jay Holovacs

Wanda, Harley and Katy
march with our banner

Pastor Dean Fred of
Landover Baptist

Why we travelled to
our nation's capital